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Welcome to Hort Americas - Certified Horticulture LED Suppliers

Hello! Hort Americas offers hydroponic, horticultural products and services in North America. The company also a consults on some technical projects which involve the production of horticultural crops and the products used to grow those crops in vertical farms, city farms or greenhouses.

Hort Americas is currently working to bring you the latest technology use in vertical farming, urban agriculture, commercial greenhouse production, hydroponic greenhouse production, tissue culture labratories and organic farming.

These technologies include Horticultural LED Grow Lights (from Philips), Organic Fertilizers (Kimitec), Substrates and Growing Media (from Orchid Mix to Riococo to Grodan and Oasis) as well as a wide assortment of cropping accessories and other customized products.  (Hort Americas is also a Certified Horticultural LED Partner of Philips.)





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